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How to Survive Blizzard’s Ban on WoW Leveling Guide Addons

Is it all over for leveling guides thanks to Blizzard Entertainment’s addon ban? While I’d love to tell you that I’m certain Blizzard’s new UI policy isn’t going to effect anyone, that won’t help you one bit when you find the guide you just bought doesn’t work in 2 weeks time. The major issues in […]

Job Posting Online Plays a Significant Role in Recruitment Today

Have you ever heard of the BBS or the Bulletin Board Job Posting Online System? This is how the early stage of the Internet looked like. This works like your regular bulletin board. Messages are posted and postings are just plain text. But even during this early stage, jobs were one of the most common […]

Escorts in Dubai

Indian Weddings – A Symbol of a Sanctified Union

Indian Weddings don’t represent simple marriage; the matrimonial bond represents heaps of responsibilities, shared duties and guarantees forever. The weddings in Escorts in Dubai are loaded with striking occasions and customs that proceed for a few days. Around 300-1000 individuals go to the weddings and the size of wedding is along these lines huge that […]

USA Online Casinos Fighting Hard for Legislation

Online gambling in the USA has been on legal ground that is open to various interpretations ever since an appeals court ruling in 2002. In November of that year, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled that the Federal Wire Act prohibited electronic transmission of sports betting information across telecommunications lines. […]


A Banzai Water Slide – How to Create the Perfect Water Park in Your Back Yard

One way to get the kids outside when the summer holidays arrive is to get them an inflatable water slide like the Banzai Falls water slide. If you make the preparations in time you will find that you will enjoy the season as much as your children will. Summertime is a time of excitement for […]