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6 Reasons Why Only A Fool Thinks Market America Is A Pyramid

People either prefer to be enabled or empowered, so I ask you, which do you prefer? As for me, I prefer 100% to be an empowered entrepreneur, make my rules in life, and ultimately control my destiny.

Being an UnFranchise® insider, I am more-and-more enamored in how being an UnFranchise® owner, positions us in possessing the financial stability to that of the pyramids in Egypt.

We are truly unique in so many ways, and the internet marketing and perennial internet retailing powerhouse of a company that we run our businesses though in MA, provides us with the most “rock solid” of an infrastructure to support our efforts and has poised us to breakthrough and conquer the internet retailing infusion in the billions of households all over the world.

Although I personally don’t ever get asked if market america is a pyramid anymore, If I was to be asked, I would turn the fact finding process back over to the person who asked me. How can a company that employs 600 people worldwide, is currently hiring, and is being sought after and found by more-and-more media outlets to expose everyday could be considered a pyramid?

Even in this “stressed and hamstrung” economy, our corporate management team has been in place and working together for nearly 20 years. As for this year, MA is going to be expanding its already in place operations in 5 countries in 2011, which will add to it’s already 100 and growing number of new employees to help support the growth in what should be yet another 4 quarters of growth in 2011.

The year 2012 will mark the 20th anniversary and as you continue reviewing whether or not there is a Market America pyramid going on here. Focus your fact-finding efforts on these 2 factors:

Their Financial Track Record – Generating just about $500 million in total sales in the fiscal year 2009.

Privately held companies usually want nothing to do with participating in the auditing process, but as JR Ridinger, founder and CEO says, “We’re not on trial anymore and we have nothing to hide”.

Market America’s Business Practices – In the last 3 years; Google, Microsoft, and hundreds of other corporate conglomerates have attempted to acquire our internet marketing machine…

“NOT FOR SALE”, JR Ridinger says! In my humble opinion, I don’t believe any of these company’s legal departments would have moved out of phase one of their plans if they thought of Market America as a scam, pyramid, scheme, or who knows whatever else.

Market America could quite possibly amass $1 billion in sales by year-end 2012, and I’d like to list a few of the reasons why I feel this dream could manifest into Market America’s reality:


  1. Their Motives by Loren Ridinger cosmetics line surpassed $12 million in total sales 2009, (up from $4 Million in 2008).
  2. There is over 2,500 health professionals who have partnered their practices with nutraMetrix, (the fastest growing sector in MA).
  3. Market America currently has operations in North America, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Philippines, and soon to be a wider visibility throughout Europe and most likely Mexico next.
  4. They have over 300 independent UnFranchise® owners who have earned in excess of $1 Million as outside consults, and tens of thousand of others who enjoy an ongoing six figure residual income stream.
  5. They have formed “thriving” partnerships with hundreds of “internet enabled” retailers, who want to leverage Market America’s PRIME online real estate and their “RABID BUYER and RAVING FAN” customer base.
  6. The parent company’s website is currently ranked #54 on the Internet Retailers Top 100 poll…up from #66 in the previous poll. We’ve changed places with a little known company called Disney.


I feel the largest attributing reason as to why Market America is not a pyramid is because right now, as in starting today, you could go on to become the #1 income earner in less than 3 years if you wanted to!

In corporate America, that system is set up to pay you based on your title and tenure, have you held hostage by operating under an if you show up – you get paid system, and your growth is limited to available positions, and the projected growth of somebody Else’s company!

Take charge of your financial future… after all, you are the one that has to spend the rest of your life there.

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