Bounce House Hire Business Part Five


Finally on the marketing front, you need a website. If you are a newbie to the world of computers then may I suggest you start to become familiar with them? The reason being is that this is going to be you’re most powerful advertising tool and if managed correctly, could bring you vast amounts of business.

The cheapest method is to find someone you know who will design a website for you or trade for the hire of a castle or two. If this isn’t an option then there are literally thousands of people on the web who will bite you’re arm off to create one for you.

If you have followed the system so far then we know that the domain name for you’re company is available. The first thing is to buy it so that nobody else can.

Although this is the easy option, it does have some drawbacks. Let’s say that you want to update it for example. You will have to rely on your friend who naturally will not be as motivated as you are to get it done quickly. Secondly if you have a falling out in the future, you’re rent a bouncy castle near me!

Like everything, it’s usually the toughest road that’s the best. If you learn how to design your own website then you can update it regularly, add lot’s of special offers whenever you wish and change the look, colour and content regularly. There are a host of programmes available to help you do this and it’s not as difficult as you might think. In fact these days they are so advanced that a child could work them. Each section takes you through a step by step approach in easy to understand language. The more practice you have, the better you become.

So by now you have a website address which should be added to all your stationery and advertising where possible. Before computers, you would have needed to send out colour brochures to show you’re customers what was on offer. Now all you need do is point them to you’re website.

This is great as a point of reference but is unlikely to bring you many new customers. People use search engines to find goods and services and if you’re domain name isn’t on the first page then forget it. Again you have some choices to make if you want to rank highly for searches. One way is to pay for it so that every time somebody types in a key word you have selected such as “bounce house for hire”, a small advert will appear which if clicked on will take them to your website. This costs you money of course and does not guarantee you business. Another way is to hire a company who specializes in search engine optimization but again this may be expensive so shop around. Finally you could learn how to do it yourself which will cost you very little.

The point I am trying to make is that for some of you, creating your own website may seem at first daunting but imagine how you would feel once you have conquered the technique. Think how you would also be able to help other people you know or even turn it into another sideline.

This completes the marketing plan for now but to be honest it never really stops.

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