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Brian Fanale Review: The Millionaire Maker

Brian Fanale has gone from a broke bartender to an Internet Phenomenon in a few short years.

If you Google Brian Fanale Reviews you will come up with around 31,500 of them so why in the world would I write another one? Let me tell you, I can’t say enough about him. I’m going to attempt to convey my opinion of who he is and what he has done for my life. By the time you get to the end of this article you’ll understand the debt of gratitude I owe this man and his partners.

You never know what lives you’ll touch when you embark on your own quest for success. Thanks to Brian and his partners, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer, they have given me a new outlook on life.

Collectively they started a company that has allowed hundred if not thousands of people the opportunity to become successful online entrepreneurs. Brian and Norbert first ran into each other in a company called Carbon Copy Pro, started by none other than Jay Kubassek. Using CCP as a base they incorporated the masterful technique of attraction marketing developed by Mike Dillard and soon My Lead System Pro was born.

Over a period of about a year Brian Bulatao, Norbert and Todd created an incredible system for us to follow that produces massive profitability for those who remain persistent. I say again, remains persistent. Like any project worth wild you have to stay committed to following through. You don’t have to figure out if what they are teaching works, heck they are proof that it works. I caught up with Brian Fanale through researching successful internet marketers and I’m so glad I did. Brian is a true internet rock star, he used to be in a band so he can really say that. As a top internet marketer and online business coach you can get some of Brian’s time but it won’t come cheap. However, how much are you will to pay, and do, to become a millionaire?

In the next couple of months you’ll have an opportunity to meet Brian at the “No Excuses Summit” in Las Vegas. Brian will be joined by Industry magnets like David Wood, Mike Dillard, Todd Falcone, Jonathan Budd, Cedrick Harris, Raymond Fong and the son of legendary Anthony Robbins, Jairek Robbins and many many more.

This article, the Brian Fanale Review: The Millionare Maker is my way of saying publicly how honored I am to know and associate with such a fine individual. If more people would conduct their businesses with the honor and integrity like My Lead System Pro then we would all be better off. My own business has been given a new lease on life thanks to the efforts of these fine people. Have pride in what you do and be sure to share it with everyone. You never know where the next Brian Fanale may be. Someone is out there waiting for you to talk to them, to guide them to achieving their dreams.

To Your Success

Craig Waters

I’ve been in Network Marketing on and off for several years but never have I been able to generate as much traffic for my business until now. Once you truly get serious about turning this little side business into a real work from home business, you never want to turn back. This is no longer like work. I work for hours on end because I want to and enjoy the freedom it allows me. I can take off on the Harley or the boat anytime I want. The most exciting part of my day is when some one has the “AH Ha” moment and they begin kicking butt in their primary online business. Helping people is truly where it’s at for me. I can go to sleep at night, or early morning, knowing I’ve done everything I can to help someone be more successful.

If this sounds like the way you would like to lead your life, knowing you get to decide what you want to do for the day then I’ll be looking for you where the big boys play.

See you at the top

Craig Waters

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