California Vacation – Part 10 of a Day by Day Diary

I managed to get on the computer in the front office of the motel where we were staying. I had to make sure the appointment with Dr. Snyder was still on. Or at least that’s the excuse I gave my husband so he would let me get online. He knows I’m addicted to the Internet. He also knows it’s for a good cause. I do have a business to run. What business an run itself for two weeks while the owner is in the desert on vacation? While I left it in good hands with my admin, my graphic designer and a writer on my team, I was still getting antsy about needing to know what was going on.

On Tuesday, July 17th, we had breakfast at Americana-a nice little café on the corner of Camino in Del Mar. They had the best squash omelet I’ve ever had. Well, okay, it was the first squash omelet I’ve ever had, but it was great. Go there, if you are in the area, and get yourself one.

My appointment with Dr. Evan Snyder wasn’t until 2 p.m. We naturally acted like the redneck Tennessee tourists that we are and went to see the del mar ca office space for rent. We had heard about a cave that is located inside a store, so that’s where we headed first. Finding a place to park took almost half an hour. It was in front of a beautiful, activity-filled park at the bottom of the hill. The cave store was at the top of the hill. The park reminded me of a Chicago song: People laughing, people dancing, a man playing guitar. A more beautiful day I had not seen in a while.

We started our hike up the hill to the store. There was an ecological preserve and public beach where you could swim next to Pelican Poop Rock. That’s what I call it because it is coated with white smears. Birds were using the rock as a bathroom while waiting for their next launch for lunch. Inside the store, we paid $4 each to walk down 145 steps to the cave entrance. It was worth it just to see the beauty of nature.

Next, we went to Burnham institute in La Jolla to meet Dr. Evan Snyder. Dr. Snyder is one of the foremost researchers on stem cell research in America. He is writing the foreword for my book and I thought it would be nice to meet him. Indeed, it was a pleasure to meet this kind-hearted man and spend a few moments talking about my book.

After my chat with Dr. Snyder, we drove back to the desert for more olives and pizza.

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