Evaluating the Best available Real Estate CRM

Something that keep the real estate agents and offices usually busy is the juggle between the leads, indentifying and understanding each lead and its position in the pipeline, and most importantly moving the lead through the complete process of buying. A situation such as this can be easily addressed with the help of real estate crm software.   Now, the choice of the CRM software that is selected is not just based on the price of the software but also on how easy is it to work with, reporting and tracking functionality.

Different criteria based on which real estate CRM is selected are:

  • The Price: Price is of course one of the most important factors that one considers before selecting a CRM solution from the various available options. Based on the point that an agent needs a positive ROI, one must select a plan that is reasonable for new, affordable for the already established. The Price range of these CRM solutions can range from zero rupees to almost $100  for a user .
  • Ease of use: A CRM software for real estate should be selected based on the fact that is easy for experienced as well as beginners real estate agent. Selecting a user friendly software makes the work much faster and better whereas a non intuitive CRM would just make it a time consuming process.
  • Tracking the contact and managing it: A software that is not only quick but also efficient in inputting the leads into the CRM software provides true results. It also follows each and every contract easily, which in turn means much more time for the agents to make sales, which is the primary motive of every business.
  • Third-party integrations: In most of the cases organisations may already have a tool that they would be using for ad managements or even lead generation, therefore, in order to save money and time, the agent or company should select a software system that can work in sync with the already available third party tools. This makes the   parameter an important one.
  • Reporting Sales and forecasting it: The Sales number if pre-known becomes the key in planning for effective sales strategies. Not only planning but these strategies can also be updated based on the information that is gathered by the CRM software.
  • Automating the Marketing process: Things like texting about campaigns to auto responders, an effective real estate CRM software provides the agent with all the necessary tools that it may need for setting up its marketing strategies and also effectively working with the advertising responses. When one incorporates automation in these it leads to maximum engagement.
  •  Customer support: One of the most important aspect of problem solving is customer support. Standing in long queues, having limited communication via the channels, or even poor response usually finishes the important time that could have been utilised in selling the property.

A wise real estate agent would keep in mind all the above points mentioned because an affordable real estate crm solutions with strong features such as lead tracking, automated marketing, and landing pages

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