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How to Wrap a Gift Boxes in 5 Simple Steps to Success

Gift wrap boxes are made up of cardboard, kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard that are strong and sturdy. These materials are customizable in terms of unique shapes, sizes, and designs according to customers’ demand. Paper packaging is the most high-end, sustainable, and economical packaging than any other alternative in the market.

With all those parties, weddings, baby shower, bridal showers, house warming parties, and other festivities, gifts are always needed to complete the event. Gifts are like the last nail in the coffin for any special occasion. Sharing presents is not only limited to a special occasion but people share presents out of love and some companies offer gifts as a promotional activity for the brand.

The increase in this practice has made it challenging for the companies and people to come up with something unique and captivating when it comes to presentation.

Customization has made it easy for the customers to create packaging of their choice whether its product packaging, promotional packaging, storage boxes, or gifts and presentation boxes. It offers customers with the freedom of creating their boxes the way they like from scratch, which means you can choose the material of your choice, shapes, and sizes for the encasements, custom designs for gift wrap boxes with lamination and other enhancing techniques.

No matter the advancement in technology, there are people who still like to go traditional with some things such as gift wrapping.

Remember the struggle of finding the best wrapping paper for the presents and to be honest not finding one that perfectly matches the present and taste of the individual.

Well, if you are one of the perfectionists and like to do it the old way, here is your guide to let you through the process of wrapping a gift in the simplest steps with style.

Material required

  • Wrapping paper. Obviously!
  • Something for cutting. Scissors are perfect, I guess.
  • Tape

Start wrapping

  1. Measurements 

Measure the right amount of wrapping paper that you will need for your box or the item you are going to wrap.


  • Cut a tad bit more of the paper than the actual sizes to cover the rough edges and give more fine edges.
  1. Creasing 

It is the step where you can add style to your wrapping like folding the paper in different patterns which adds some style.


  • Crease with the help of scale if you are not a pro in packaging to get straight lines.
  • It helps in better and easy folding and handling of the wrapping paper
  1. Folding

It is time to shape your packaging. Fold the paper on the creases and give it a very gentle yet defined shape.


  • Fold from one side and then the other to get a clean outlook.
  • Fold over the edges to give a more professional wrapping.
  1. Securing

Having the perfect folds start with securing those loose ends.


  • Use double side tapes to avoid messy appearance.
  1. Embellishments 

Add that ribbon or custom sticker to give your box a more personalized packaging. You can add tags and personalized messages and notes on the top to jazz it up.


  • Go for custom stickers to make your packaging versatile and trendy.

Congratulations! You have a perfectly wrapped gift ready to be sent.


There is no doubt that it holds a nostalgic feel and sentimental attachment but there are a lot of restrictions that limit the creativity in packaging such as;

  • Finding the right wrapping paper.
  • It is hard to wrap odd shapes presents.
  • Restricted sizes of the wrapping paper make it harder to wrap bigger presents.

Alternative wrapping 

Custom paper boxes are the best alternative for wrapping gifts because they are made in custom sizes and shapes according to the shape and size of the product you want to pack. It gives more personalized boxes in the material of your choice. Cardboard and kraft paper boxes are the most versatile packaging material that offers unlimited gift wrap and boxes options such as;

  • Unique shapes like pillow boxes, gable boxes, magnetic closure encasements, window cut out boxes, and many more that enhances the appearance of the packaging.
  • It offers every size from the smallest to the largest to perfectly hold the product that increases the protection of the product.
  • You can get custom designs on the boxes in the color of your choice, patterns, prints, illustrations, custom logo, messages and whatever you like to put on the box. There is no limitation in the designs whether it’s Christmas gift wrap boxes, product or promotional boxes, or any other.
  • Custom gift boxes are high-end when it comes to quality. Lamination is a plastic coating on any material in different finishes like glossy, matte, and semi-gloss. It not only enhances the appearance but also increases the strength of the packing cases.


Custom packaging is the most economical packing solution than any other alternative that is available in the market especially when you are getting gift wraps in bulk as wholesale gives provide cheapest rates. These gift boxes in wholesale are no less than any other alternative in quality, durability, sustainability, and affordability but even better as you have the full control on your product unlike gift wrap boxes Wal-Mart.

It is up to you to wrap of stylishly wrap your presents and if you want trendy and striking outlook in an easy and affordable manner than customized encasement is the way to go.

You can be innovative and creative with your product the way you like.

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