Is Cell Phone New Pied Piper against Kids? Get Something for Kid’s Safety on Cyber Monday

Seemingly mobile phone technology has come up as a blessing for mankind. However, the perception has been changed into an exception that very few people do believe that cell phone technology is a blessing. Over the years, without a shadow of the doubt smartphone and internet access have created an immense sense of isolation among the people and today we used to of watching them sticking with the screens. The young generation is the most affected community these days because of the bombardment of modern mobile technology and access to the cyberspace.

 The contemporary mobile phone technology is a new piped piper that taking kids and teens away from real-life activities and seducing them into the dangers unaware. On the other hand kids and teens love to use digital phones, internet and society, and create social media profiles to get digital citizenship. However, parents don’t know yet about the child of the consequences could face any time.

How cell phone is working as a new pied piper?

The Hamelin Pied Piper had taken kids from the town using his magic pipe. Now a new pied piper has come up that should be known as the technological pied pipers that are available in different models and shapes and youth is continuously adopting it and have become obsessed with it. The modern generation has lost the norms that our predecessors have left for us and today children are sticking all the time with the mobile phone screen.

Additionally, they have adopted a new level or style of communication rather meet with friends in person.  It means the youth is highly addicted to phones, internet, and social media platforms. Spending too much time on digital devices would have ultimate after effects.

Furthermore, text messaging, online sharing of media, interaction with strangers online are continuously attracting teens and children towards potentials dangers and they are not fully aware of the fact that. That’s why we can say the contemporary smartphone technology has turned into a new pied piper against the young generation.

Pew Research Center Statistics

  • Almost 95% of U.S teens have smartphones & internet access & 45% use it constantly
  • 59% of U.S teens have faced online bullying and harassment using social media on cellphone
  • 32% of teens have become the victim of false rumors shared by unknown friends & also become the victim of offensive name calling
  • 16% of teens have got physical threats
  • 21% of teens become the victim of stalkers who ask them where are you, what they are doing, and who they are with.
  • 57% of teens share explicit messages and images of themselves and become the victim of name calling and slut shaming
  • 24% of teens hooked up by meeting someone initially met online
  • 29% of teens & 59% of male teens get involved in inappropriate or X-rated browsing activities

Don’t ignore children Online Safety on Black Friday& on Cyber Monday

As we all know that Black Friday is the name given to the day after thanksgiving and people get the advantage of the pre-Christmas season. Everything goes on discount and people love to buy things they need to, but most of the parents don’t realize about child safety online for a moment on this Thanksgiving Day.

Now cyber Monday is round about the corner and people have already have made their mind what they are going to buy on this special discount day. They should realize the importance of cyber safety if they have done it before because kids have been bombarded with online predators and threats. This time make your mind and get 90% & 50% discount on android spy app subscription being a new customer and on renewal of the license respectively. Don’t ignore for a moment to make sure kids are safe online. Where you will buy plenty of things on Thanksgiving Day child cyber safety why not? Install mobile phone surveillance app on your kid’s mobile devices and keep checking your kid’s online activities until the next Black Friday & Cyber Monday.


The young generation is the future of mankind; don’t let them exploited through a tech-based pied piper by the time you have bought a digital smartphone for your children to keep checking what kids are doing online.

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