Is This Vidmate Allows The User To Download The Files In A Group?

On the internet you can find millions of websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, facebook, twitter, and the many others. All these websites are allowing the users to watch the movies and the videos for the free but do not allows them to download it. This is now possible with the help of the vidmate app. This is completely legal even if it downloads the paid videos and the media files. This app is having millions of users and none of them felt any difficulty in downloading the files. This vidmate is safe for mobile devices as all the media files are free from viruses and other threats.

Why prefer a vidmate?

User interface

The user interface of the application is very much smooth and also easy to navigate. The user can easily able to scroll all the websites that are available in it and also they can able to download the media files from it. The application never needs a high net connection and also it consumes only the fewer data. This is smooth to access and so the user will definitely addicted to this app.

Low to high clarity videos

The videos in the website can be downloaded with different pixel options. So they can choose the pixels ranging from 180 to 1080. This means that they can use the media file in the smartphones and also in the java type mobile phones.


The application supports all the operating systems of the mobile and the pc. The user can able to switch between the tabs in the mobile and keep the app open in the background. This never affects the download quality. This is completely safe to use.

Video player

The video player that is present in this vidmate is the special one. Using this you can watch the live streaming that too in good quality. This is the player that never gets stuck even in the low signal strength.

Download manager

The users can able to download the videos and the media files in the clusters. They can simply queue them in the list and start the downloading process. You can either start downloading all the files are you can randomly choose the files that you want. This is more convenient for the users as they can get the files at the super-fast speed. You can also able to control the files that are getting downloaded.

Convert the file format

All the file formats of the videos, pictures and the music are supported by this app. So this is the heaven for the mobile users as they can able to convert the specific file format to any other as per their wish. This is simpler and also time-saving one for the people. Suppose if you want to use the AVI file in the java type mobile then you can use this by making the conversion process.

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