Some plug ins to clone a website

The process of cloning not only involves backing up but also involves restoring them at the new locations. By cloning the websites one can perform the updates safely as having an exact copy is good for general testing of them. Manual cloning is not much difficult but restoring the contents and the data to the new location can be time-consuming some times.  People use the best PHP scripts in order to perform cloning functions. Some of the plugins used in the process have been highlighted as:

  • Duplicator: this helps to clone a website and even move them in word press. The backups are called as packages from which one can choose to exclude them from backing up. This helps to scan the website in order to check if it is ok or not. This helps to support backups up to 500 MB size only. It allows backing up the files to server in case one wants to upgrade to the pro level then cloud storage service should be used. In case one wants to restore then one can download the archive file. This need not to be installed in a new location. The free version of this is considered good for users. This is a useful plugin and helps to duplicate websites that are small easily. The restoration process is quicker in this.
  • Updraft: this is very convenient to use in the case of word press. They offer alternative solutions and even charge for those services. It helps to create a cloned website and store it on the servers. This is a good option for people involved in testing or staging. The migratory plugin is called the updraft migrator. This has a search and replaces function in order to replace the URLs and make other changes to the new locations. This also has a plus option but that is paid.
  • All in one WP migration: this is a very user-friendly migration tool and a plugin. when one is creating a backup of location one can find and replace the text. This can be useful in case of changing the URLs of the websites. One can even exclude the spam comments from here. In order to restore one needs to activate this and import the backup from there by the method which one chooses to do. This is a perfect solution for people with small websites. One cannot realize the true potential unless one spends money on it. In case one wants back up beyond certain limits then the services are paid and payments are to be made to the company. The export and import of the data also involve costs. The free version is fine but it is better for the small websites only.
  • Back up buddy: this is a popular premium plugin. this helps to choose what is backed up and even one can download the zip file to store the backups. This best clone website protects from malware and other kinds of errors. One just needs to upload the file on a new location and enter the new database details.

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