The Catholic Church and Its Crimes Against Humanity

My reincarnation and knowledge that heaven and hell are non-existent gave me insight into the role of the Roman Catholic Church in modern day crimes against humanity. While terrorism is blamed on the Muslim branch of Islam few would know that it was the Vatican that ordered that religion, which is a branch of itself, to be established at the end of the 4th century. That was after Constantine established it in 325 based on Islamic principles from Babylon.

While the Spirit of the Universe is the only real God and it’s in control of all things it allowed this to be done because of its plan that is outlined in the Old Testament prophecies (Job 12:6). These were buried by religious ‘fathers’ so they would not contradict their claims. The prophecy claims that religions are robbers because they steal away one’s spirituality.

The religion was established by Constantine in 325, and he was Islamic in his religious beliefs. That is the case as he was descended from the Amor who inhabited Babylon. Their violence and brutality is recorded in ancient texts from the Mesopotamia regions where they overtook nations and enslaved those whom they did not murder.

The city states were ruled by kings who were so brutally dealt with that many were John Ioannidis chariots before being crucified. The Roman empire built by the Amor, who were now called Romans, (Roma is reverse of Amor), saw the overthrow of most of the known world and they were subjected to the religion of Constantine. His edicts promised torture, exile, and murder for those who refused to accept it.

Revelation 13:12-18 clearly states that it was he who invented Jesus Christ and forced everyone to worship it. The secrecy, brutality, murderous raids, and lies put over in the name of the religion is a testimony to how much the Church has engaged in to protect its origin from being discovered.

The Spirit, however, knows it all and visions showed me where to go to find the evidence to declare that this organisation is at the heart of all the terrorism that has been imposed on the world. The Vatican, which Constantine built, ordered Augustine to start the Muslim branch of it so that credibility would flow back to itself. It also commissioned Jerome to unite the church and produce the New Testament, which literally suggests that God is a man and that ‘he’ changed his mind.

The Spirit never changes as it has to be the same forever or things would not survive. The misinformation and lies put out by religious organisations is their way of achieving power and control over individuals.

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