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Things to Follow When Taking Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone is a medication given to patients addicted to opioid drugs like heroin or painkiller drugs. Since, suboxone itself is an opiate there is a fair chance of getting addicted to suboxone. If you are addicted to suboxone make sure of getting help from suboxone doctors near me at clinics authorized for treating addicted individuals.

Addiction is a chronic disease which has affected the young generation badly. Youths of age 18 years are mostly prone to drug addiction. It has become a real concern for the families and societies. Supports from friends and families are very essential for an addicted individual to overcome his situation and return back to normalcy.

One thing must be kept in mind before opting for suboxone treatment is that your doctor must be aware of your health conditions. You must inform your doctor if you ever had kidney, stomach, liver or lung problems, head injuries, respiratory problems or a history of alcohol or drug addiction.

Suboxone – combined of Naloxone and Buprenorphine

Suboxone is preferably used as a treatment for opioid addiction. The two drugs present in Suboxone are – Naloxone, an opioid antagonist reverses and blocks the effects of other opioid medicines or reduces the effects of addiction. Buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist medication, helps to get relief from cravings.

Dosage of suboxone

The dose of suboxone ranges from 2 to 12 mg. The main aim of advising this medication is to relieve patients from unpleasant withdrawals without getting addicted to it. It must be kept in mind that suboxone must not be taken without consulting physicians. The medication is prescribed after thorough check-up and depends on the severity of the addiction.

Suboxone should not be taken by?

Suboxone can cause serious liver problems, so people having existing liver problems must avoid taking this medication. People with severe or moderate hepatic impairment may suffer from precipitated withdrawal from naloxone. Such individuals must be transferred to buprenorphine treatment. When you are on suboxone medication, you must have your blood tests done at regular intervals to ensure your liver is functioning properly.

If Suboxone is misused – Suboxone medication is not something which you must use on your own. It is always advisable to take the medication under close supervision of suboxone treatment doctors.

If you find anyone using suboxone medication without consulting physicians, you must immediately take him to a doctor and get him treated. Misuse of suboxone may increase the risk of unwanted side effects like – they may experience confusion, clumsiness, constipation, sleepiness, headaches, back pains and respiratory problems. Misusing the drug may slow down or stop one’s breathing.

Suboxone abuse and overdose

Signs of suboxone abuse are – nausea and vomiting, depression, isolation, drowsiness, poor memory, breathing problems and other severe symptoms. These symptoms can lead to serious physical and mental health conditions.

Overdose symptoms include – anxiety, nausea, seizures, slow heartbeat and stomachache.

Is suboxone addictive?

There is a difference between addiction and dependency. If an individual takes suboxone for a longer period of time, he may become dependent on it. Suboxone is basically a replacement for the opiate you are addicted to. You cannot abruptly stop the medication. The medication must be taken and weaned off under close supervision of experienced doctors.

The treatment program involves suboxone medication along-with therapies and entirely depends on the level of addiction of that particular individual.

While you are on suboxone medication, you must not –

  • eat, drink or smoke for 30 minutes before and after the dosage
  • consume certain food, beverages, and nicotine that can block the absorption of Suboxone.
  • chew tobacco which can impair the absorption of suboxone.
  • discontinue the treatment abruptly as this can have adverse effect
  • Participate in counseling sessions alone. Presence of your family members or friends is advisable.

Treatment to be undertaken if you get addicted to suboxone

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To help the addicted individual get rid of drug in a safe and controlled manner, a treatment plan is designed to gradually remove drug traces from the body. The plan includes –

  1. Evaluation and assessment – First and foremost step is to understand the issues relating to the person’s use of drugs which may be due to various reasons as –
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Mental health disorders
  • Trauma
  1. Treatment plan – this plan is created once the issue of a particular individual is addressed which will include –
  •  person’ goals for recovery
  •  time length for recovery and
  •  Available resources
  1. Personal therapy – eases a patient to interact with the therapist on a one-on-one basis and share his issues openly regarding the circumstances which have lead to his addiction. 
  1. Group therapy – is where a single therapist addresses a group of addicted people. This helps them in interacting among themselves and seek support from their counterparts. 
  1. Alternative therapies – is chosen based on client’s interest and areas of needs like –
  • Artistic therapies
  • Food based therapies
  • Exercise therapies
  • Animal-assisted therapies and much more
  1. Holistic therapies – is given based on an individual personality and interest where he can opt for yoga, meditation, drumming, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and more during this treatment plan. 
  1. After care and support – Once the rehab ends often it is noticed that the individuals still visit their therapists for treating other issues like mental health issues or addictions etc. or engage in holistic therapies to lead a normal and healthy life.

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