Torex syrup – providing relief from cough and throat problems

Winter can bring various diseases which can seriously affect a healthy body. It can seriously damage a healthy immunity system and make it weak for any future prevention of harmful diseases. Cold, cough and sore throat ca cause serious discomfort during winter seasons. Moreover, living an unhealthy lifestyle and drinking cold drinks can also lead to sore throat which can cause high fever. Incessant cough, lasting for several weeks, is the main reason for bronchitis which can seriously damage the immunity system of a body.

Torex syrupis an Ayurvedic cough syrup which combines the power of various natural ingredients like honey and tulsi which is completely safe from any side effects. One can get relief from dry, wet or chronic cough upon consumption of Torex syrup. One can be sure of its safety as the syrup is made by combining various natural ingredients like

  1. Tulsi – Best natural ingredient for strengthening the immune system of a body. It can be found in every Indian household which is used for curing common cold if taken with hot soup or tea. It helps in reducing various respiratory problems like chronic bronchitis etc.
  2. Bana pasha – Naval passages het filled with mucus due to cold weather which can be removed with the help of Bana pasha which helps with the same. Moreover, the ingredient is anti inflammatory which helps in reducing any swelling caused due to persistent coughing.
  3. Tejpata – Staple ingredient in every Indian household used for curing cold and other respiratory problems. Its anti allergic properties strengthen immunity system and prevent further build up of harmful cough causing bacteria.
  4. Kali mirch – Natural healer which breaks up mucus which in turn heals wet cough.
  5. Aamlaki – Any discomfort post throat infection can be cured with the help of aamlaki. Moreover, rashes caused upon coughing can be cured with the help of this natural ingredient.

These are few of the many ingredients which are combined to make torex cough syrup. Doctors prescribe to consume the syrup in small quantities according to the need and extend of the problem to the throat. A patient can use the plastic cup which comes with the bottle for consumption purposes. It must be combined with warm water in order to receive full benefits of the syrup. Moreover, the syrup must be consumed at fixed intervals or as prescribed by the doctor.

Apart from all the benefits and uses, Torex cough syrup is free from any kind of side effects which are common in allopathic medicines like vomiting and dizziness.

One must be aware of the ingredients and their composition in the syrup in order to save oneself from any king of allergic reaction from a natural substance like neem. The syrup must be stored in a cool, dark and dry place away from direct sunlight which does not affect the composition of the syrup. It should not be refrigerated and the patient must closely inspect the manufacturing and expiry date of the Ayurvedic syrup.

One can visit torque website in order to get information about the syrup and receive discounts upon first purchase. Torex cough syrup for child and adults is safe to consume.

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