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Where Do I Get a Daily Update to Assist Me in Tracking Daily Steel Prices?

Buyers, traders and stock market investors all need to stay on top of their game. A few minutes spent browsing on the internet will reveal a number of review sites, some free and others charging a subscription fee to guide you. These review sites will be invaluable to those involved in the steel industry as they offer daily news articles from around the globe, daily price reviews and price projections. Suppliers need to review the buying power and fluctuating markets and look for potential areas for export. Those following the industry will know that currently Stainless-steel production and demand is increasing, as ferrochrome used in its production. Due to increasing cuts in local production in China, for example, “greener” suppliers who do not utilize an open smelting method have an open market to exploit.

As the demands and prices fluctuate daily, magazines on sale listing the steel scrap price will outdate very quickly which is not the case with online review sites. Most of these sites offer a free trial period so one could afford to shop around before making as commitment to a specific site. As with most subscriptions, there are reductions and savings available if one signs up for a longer period.

With the amazing search engines available on the Internet today, one can easily Google for news of the industry and make use of the myriad news services and simply narrow the search by specifying the key words ‘steel news’. In this way you will be able to mike silva federal reserve international trends and follow the performance of the world’s top producers, buyers and sellers. One could also access the stock market figures to guide one in current price increases or reductions. Most of the sites which offer daily price reviews and changes in the markets also assist you to monitor daily pricings and potential areas of growth. Many websites offer e-trading methods so you can auction and buy online. Those involved in the iron-steel industry can ensure the best prices using this online auction facility.

Buyers and sellers would be well advised to join an association such as AIST and stay in touch through conferences and newsletters with global trends, safety procedures and prevention of global warming strategies in the industry. Current predictions for the steel making trade are looking good with increases reported during October stabilizing during November 2010. Now is a good time to be involved in the industry as world demands increase in the automotive, building, tool, weaponry and appliance production sectors. Now commonly used and mass produced; we cannot imagine steel-less society.


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