Essential Oils For Natural Health

Essential Oils are mainly used through the sense of smell but may be absorbed through the skin or taken internally, as well. (Please read directions as not all oils can be taken internally.) The benefits are very similar to the use of herbs. Since they are normally taken in through the nose or skin, they are absorbed into the bloodstream immediately instead of waiting for the digestive system to process them.

This is a very powerful way to get relief from many physical, mental and emotional issues. The oils are used individually or blended for specific purposes. They are the pure oil derived from the plant. There are other products on the market, such as flower essences, fragrant oils and scented oils, made by adding scent to oil or soaking plants in water. They are not true essential oils and do not have the same value.

The uses for these minyak telon are endless. We are all familiar with some of them. We use the scent of lavender for relaxation. Citrus is always a pick-me-up. Eucalyptus is a favorite for congestion. The oils are used in several ways.


Inhaling an essential oil or a blend triggers a reaction in the brain that stimulates a specific chemical reaction which evokes a healing effect on the body, mind or emotions.

Physical Application

Aromatherapy oils are applied to the skin in a carrier oil, never directly. My favorites are sweet almond oil and jojoba but you can even use the olive oil in your kitchen. Mineral oil is not a good carrier oil as it sits on the skin but does not absorb.

It is wise to get a good book or consult a practitioner before you use an oil to be sure you are using it correctly. Never mix oils without knowing what the results will be. When in doubt, if you are not using a practitioner, buy oils that are already blended. Use caution! Some oils should not be used on the skin and some blends can cause powerful emotional responses. There are a few oils that should not be used when pregnant or if you have certain diseases, like epilepsy. It is not advisable to go out in the sun with any oil because you would so easily burn but especially the citrus oils.

You cannot forget your children and pets. Aromatherapy is a great, natural way to treat many of their common ailments, from body aches to bug bites to tantrums. There are no chemicals in the oils. They are all natural!

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