Floppy dildos

Getting it on With Glass (Dildos)

For masturbation, foreplay or to extend a love making session, many people find that glass dildos are excellent accessories for enjoying sex solo or with a partner. While masturbating with a glass dildo may seem relatively straight forward, the personal intricacies involved with this intimate exploration may be simple or very complex and elaborate. Individual preference will guide your hand for self pleasuring. However, when using your love toy with a partner, you may feel a little more intimidated by the creative possibilities.

To help inspire couples who want to get it on with glass together, here are a few stimulating ideas. Experiment with these sexy suggestions and go wild:


  • Missionary Magic: while your lover is laying on her back, take the opportunity to use a Floppy dildo cast your orgasmic spells before, after or instead of intercourse. She can alter the sensations by tightening, spreading or raising her legs. This is also an excellent position to orally pleasure her or use a vibrator at the same time. Create a blended clitoral and internal/G-spot orgasm.
  • Heads & Tails: when he is laying on his back, straddle him in a 69 style position. While you orally pleasure him, he can use a glass dildo to spur you on to heights of mutual ecstasy. Of course there are many other positions that enable you to give him a blowjob while he pleasures you with a glass dildo. Some also allow him to easily use his tongue at the same time.
  • Double Penetration I: when having anal intercourse in a doggie style position, use a glass dildo vaginally. It does take some coordination but with some practice you may even be able to incorporate a vibrator for clitoral stimulation too. Other anal intercourse positions may allow comfortable use of a glass dildo as well.
  • Double Penetration II: when he is laying on his back, straddle him facing his feet. While having intercourse in a reverse cowgirl position, he can use a glass anal probe or slim glass dildo (with flared base) to pleasure you anally. Either one or both of you can also use butt plugs while having intercourse in your favorite positions.
  • Nine Nines: although a technique devised for intercourse, you can apply the same principal to penetration using a glass dildo. Using a glide ‘n slide penetration style, start off with 8 shallow thrusts then 1 smooth deep thrust. Then continue with 7 shallow and 2 deep thrusts. Continue until you finish with 9 smooth deep thrusts. If either of you desire more, enjoy intercourse using the same technique.
  • Touch of Glass: use a glass dildo to apply flavored oils/lubricants onto other erogenous zones (nipples, penis, clitoris, lips, neck, toes, etc) before kissing, licking and sucking them. Stroke a realistic shaped glass dildo between your breasts or lick it seductively to visually tease and arouse your lover. Slide a well lubed glass dildo between your lover’s butt cheeks so that the ribs, nubs and bumps glide over the anus and perineum.
  • Strap-On Glass: only recently have glass toys become available that are designed for use with strap-on harnesses. More will surely come so you may want to wait for the right one to be designed for you. For now, don’t hesitate to explore your wild side with silicone toys built for two.
  • Frisky Fantasies: glass dildos have a mystique that makes them ideal accessories for many types of fantasies from ancient times to futuristic settings. Imagine the shimmering gem is a royal scepter used to unite kings and queens, or a wand of power controlled by a twisted sorceress/wizard, or a ceremonial deflowering device in a religious/pagan/demonic ritual, or the instrument used by aliens for their infamous probing experiments. Let your imagination run wild and you will have the best sex of your lives.

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