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How to Survive Blizzard’s Ban on WoW Leveling Guide Addons

Is it all over for leveling guides thanks to Blizzard Entertainment’s addon ban?

While I’d love to tell you that I’m certain Blizzard’s new UI policy isn’t going to effect anyone, that won’t help you one bit when you find the guide you just bought doesn’t work in 2 weeks time.

The major issues in Blizzard’s UI Policy are the selling of an addon, and the “obfuscation of code”.

On selling addons – unfortunately most leveling guide authors are selling in-game guides, which means you can’t use the guide unless the addon which “houses” it is working too.

If patch time comes and Blizzard stops your addon working, what will you do?

On the obfuscation of code – this basically means leveling addon authors will need to make their code so clear that anyone will be able to copy it, or see how it works. This means there may be a TON of new crummy leveling guides coming on to the market soon for free.

So how do you get around these two issues and still get a guide that works?

First up, its not actually clear whether bobby kotick will in fact enforce the policy to the letter of the law. The rumors on the Internet say that Blizzard originally implemented the UI policy change due to an addon which was advertising in-game. Obviously not a practice that Blizzard was happy with.

Because of this, Blizzard implemented a policy which will mean all in-game guides may soon be blocked or banned.

The best thing you can do right now if you’re in the market for a new guide is to ensure it has *gasp*, an OFFLINE component. This means that you’ll be looking for a guide that has a members area with web pages dedicated to guiding you through the game, or a .pdf file (that you view through acrobat reader).

There are guides available now that have both the addon version, and the web or printable versions – I highly recommend you seek them out and avoid losing your guide if Blizzard bans or stops leveling guides!

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