Inflatable Water Slide – Should I Buy?

Inflatable slides sure have come a long way from when they first came out. They have become so popular that you can even buy them from large department stores and discount clubs in your area. They look to be huge and just like the one that you saw at your kid’s friend’s birthday party. You know that the parents paid a few hundred dollars to rent that slide, and the slide in the store only costs a couple dollars extra than the rental. Why not buy?

There are several reasons you should not buy an inflatable water slide for your own personal use.

1. Storage. Where are you going to store and twin cities water slide rental? They don’t roll up nice like they come from the factory. This should be a major consideration when trying to purchase one of these slides.

2. Safety. Have you been trained in how to set up a water slide properly? Inflatables are difficult to set up and take down safely. That is why there are companies who rent them and get certified with inflatable safety organizations.

3. Sanitation. Do you know how to sanitize a water slide? Mold and Mildew will ruin your new slide, and potentially get your kids sick if you do not properly sanitize your unit. This is a major concern with waterslides that not many folks consider.

Leave it to the pros when you are considering buying a waterslide. It is much easier, and cheaper to rent one when you need it and let the professionals handle the storage, safety, and sanitation.

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