Minty Cookies – Recipe for Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies

Peppermint pinwheel cookies are tasty and they look great. Many people are intimidated by the aspect and they never really try to make pinwheel cookies. In fact, the technique is quite simple – you don’t have any reason not to make delicious peppermint neurological pinwheel cookies. The basic ingredients for any cookie recipes are: two parts flour, one part fat (it can be butter, cream, fat yogurt, margarine or even vegetable oil), one part sugar, one egg for each cup of flour and some baking powder. You can add to the dough any flavors you prefer, small chunks of chocolate, or dried fruits pieces. Once you learn to bake cookies following this simple rule, you’ll be able to improvise and to create your unique, personalized cookies recipes, which will make a fun treat at home or for parties.

There is a basic recipe for mint cookies, a very versatile one that you can easily adjust, based on the ingredients you have on hand. The ingredients are: two cups of white flour, one cup of sugar, two sticks of butter, two eggs, cocoa powder, peppermint extract and baking powder. Take the butter out of the refrigerator and cut the butter into small cubes. Put them in a large bowl and add the rest on the ingredients one by one: sugar, eggs, flour, and then baking powder. Leave the cocoa powder and the peppermint extract aside for now. This type of dough doesn’t need a lot of mixing. You have to beat it only until the dry ingredients fully absorb the wet ones and the dough becomes elastic. If some unmelted pieces of butter are still visible in the dough, don’t worry as this is normal. The dough must be mixed in a cool place, preferably on a cold surface like a marble table.

After you make the dough, leave it inside the fridge for a half an hour. Slice the dough in two separate parts. Add two tablespoons of cocoa powder in one half and one tablespoon of peppermint extract in the other half. Then place each piece of dough on parchment paper and roll it carefully as the dough is very tender and breaks easily. Use powdered sugar to prevent sticking. After you stretch the two pieces of dough, put the minty one on top of the cocoa one and roll them together. Place the roll back in the fridge for another hour. In the meantime, preheat the oven and find a large pan. Put parchment paper in the pan. Take the dough roll from the fridge and using a sharp knife with a thin blade, cut the roll into 1/2 inch slices. Place the pan in the hot oven for about half an hour. The combination between the cocoa and the peppermint is delicious and the cookies will be tender and will remain soft for a long time. If you want the cookies to look festive, you can add some green food coloring into the peppermint dough.

Now that you know the basics of making mint cookies, you can play with the recipe. For healthier cookies, you can use whole flour instead of white floor and you can reduce the sugar quantity. You can also replace the butter with a less fatty ingredient like cream. These cookies will be a delicious treat for all occasions including just a snack at home on a normal day or party treats for birthday parties and baby showers.


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