Need for Mathematics in the Dynamic World

In the development of Science and Technology in the modern world, more importance is given to subjects such as Science and Engineering. We all know that Science is the combined discipline of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Engineering is the combined discipline of Maths and Science. All the Scientific concepts are developed and progressed with the help of Maths.

Mathematics is a subject which is the creation of human intelligence concerned with ideas, reasoning and processing. It is much more significant than Mathematical concepts like Arithmetics, Linear Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, and so on. It is said that Mathematics is a gateway for Science. Thus, the guidance for the different levels of Mathematical education must be carefully built. Knowledge of Mathematics is required for the following needs:

Mathematics for Life

The requirement of everyday life is increasingly dependent on Maths and technology.  For instance, for making decisions, buying products, counting money, etc. depends on mathematical skills. Thus, understanding Mathematics can be independently pleasing and empowering.

Mathematics as a component of Cultural Heritage

Mathematics is one of the most significant cultural and intellectual successes of human-kind, and citizens should acquire recognition and knowledge of that achievement, including its aesthetic and even recreational features.

Mathematics for Employment

Presently, the level of mathematics is needed for all intelligent citizenship. Since mathematical concepts have improved dramatically, the level of mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills are required in the workplace. Good understanding of different mathematical concepts such as simple interest, hcf and lcm, solving equations helps them to pursue their job. Knowledge of Mathematics has been acknowledged in many primary areas ranging from health administration to graphical designing.

Mathematics for the Logical and Industrial Area

Although all professions need a framework of mathematical knowledge, some are Mathematics intensive. More students must seek an educational pathway that will qualify them for permanent occupation as Mathematicians, Statisticians, Engineers, and Scientists. In this developing dynamic world, those who follow and can do mathematics will have significantly increased opportunities and possibilities for moulding their futures. Mathematical ability opens doors to fruitful futures. A lack of experience in Mathematics keeps those doors closed.

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