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The steps involved in cloning process

Generally cloning is considered to be an unethical practice. This can however provide a large number of business opportunities in case of creating the duplicates of a website. Various website cloner online are available to provide support to such businesses. The steps involved in creating clones have been described and explained in this article. Cloning generally is creating a copy of a website and applying that duplicate to another site. One practical option is to moving a word press site to a new domain and this will help to save hours of hard work.

Another option is to develop a site on local server and then upload it on the client’s server. The process is not that difficult and can be easily done in 7 easy steps. They are as follows:

  1. Cloning on word press using duplicator plug in: this is a powerful backup of word press and is very essential for the professionals. The first thing to be done is to install and download a plug in. this works out of the box and one can even start using it without any configuration.
  2. Creating the backup using duplicator: this allows creating a back up on word press and then unpacking it to a different location. Firstly one needs to visit the duplicator and then packages page and then click on the create new option. Then a follow up page will come on which we have to click next button in order to continue. Further the duplicator will scan the website to check everything in order to run the plug in. In case there is any issue then we will receive a warning over here. In case everything is good then one can go to the build option and then the duplicator will back up the whole database.
  3. Preparing to clone: once the whole process has been finished then there will be a link to download the archive which has the backup file and the installer in it. One needs to click on the one click download file in order to download both the files as both of the files are extremely important in this case.
  4. Uploading the archive and the installer to a new location: once the backup process has been completed the next step is to upload it to the location. This can be a live location or a new website. In case of local server one needs to copy paste the whole content in to a subfolder. In case of a live site one needs to upload these files in the ftp format. One must make sure that the folder is empty and there are no files except the installer.
  5. Running the import script: one must simply visit the browser and add the installer at the end. Now one will see the duplicator on the screen. In case all is good one must proceed further.
  6. Testing the clone site: one must test the admin area and the front end.

Deleting the temporary files: once the person is satisfied with the best website scripts then one can delete the installation files created by the duplicator plug in.

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