Types of hearing aid

Behind-the-ear hearing aids

Many people who find NHS hearing aids have ear (BTE) hearing aids. They rest behind your ear and send sound to your ear in three different ways:

  • flexible tubing is connected to an earmold from a piece that fit within your ear.
  • Through very thin, clear tubing is attached to a small, soft tip (dome) that sits inside your ear canal. Because it blocks the ear less than an earmold, it can give you a more natural sound and is less noticeable. If you have any hearing problem or mild problem then you can use it. This is not appropriate if you have frequent ear infections or see strange functions.
  • With the help of a thin wire, you can hear it with the help of an ear speaker. It is known by some names – such as ‘receiver in ear’, ‘receiver in canal’ and ‘loudspeaker in ear’.They are also likely to be inappropriate if you have vision loss or if you perform strange tasks, or if you have repeated ear infections.


In-ear-ear (ITE) hearing aids and in-canal (ITC) hearing aids are their working parts in the ear cover, so the entire support sits in your ear. They come in different sizes and strengths, but they can be seen in the ear from all sides. A listening device fits into the ear canal, which we know as ITC, is very small in size.

If a person is having difficulty in making a statement, then he can use this ITC. If you have trouble using small controls, these assistance will not be suitable for you until they come with a remote control.

Hearing instruments fully in the canal

Fully canal (CIC) hearing aids fit more into your ear canal than ITC aids. They are less visible until someone looks at your ear closely. Since these hearing aids are very small, it is unlikely that they have features such as the hearing loop setting, as they are too small to carry the technology. Such a statement can only be made with the help of NHS Instruments.

Invisible in-canal hearing aid

IIC hearing aids are quite different which are not for everyone.IIC devices are fitted very deep inside the ear.The IIC hearing aid can remain in the ear for a long time, no normal person can remove it. It can only be removed or cleaned by an audiologist. You cannot remove the IIC from your ear. But you can remove some more model models. Some features of IIC correspond to CIC.

If you are interested in hearing sounds that fit inside your ear, an audiologist will help you decide which type is best for you. This will depend on your hearing loss, the size of your ear canals, your lifestyle and how much money you want to spend citing buying privately.

Other types of hearing aids

You will know that these days you will see many listening machines. And people have also been seen using them. You can put some balls of hearing aid in your clothes very comfortably. It is transmitted to your ears with the help of thin wire placed in your clothes so that you can listen very comfortably.Some models are very powerful, which you can easily buy with the help of online marketing.


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