Vehicle Tracking With Fleet Management System

Today, where the economy is facing the challenges of rising fuel prices, it has become difficult for the businesses to cut cost and save extra profits. After a deep understanding of this area of the industry, the software development companies have developed an excellent solution for cost and loss reduction. The foremost significant step is to keep a track of the vehicle to analyze the total cost of maintenance. For the vehicle tracking, installing a fleet management system is an informed decision. It can be considered as a reliable centralized system that can be accessed from anywhere.

The features that make this system as a solution for vehicle tracking and as an excellent investment for the business are as follows:

1. Data storage is centralized – The Fleets are usually on the routes and their physical presence within the organization is limited. In such a case, it is significant that the communication and data transfer should be done consistently for the smooth functioning of the operations. The system allows to store all the data, including the tax records, repair and maintenance record, documents, regulatory and compliance certificates, history records, maps and routes, driver’s information et al all at one place. This information can be retrieved from anywhere at any time in the absence of the fleet to track all its activities.

2. Alerts & Reminders – The vehicle is always on routes and service, it is physically not present in the company and it is likely that the manager may skip its maintenance schedule or any other significant update. The system sends alerts and reminders for tax due dates, servicing and repair, and also, the vehicle current location can be tracked, to inform the driver for the scheduled due dates. A web development company can be approached to customize the features of alerts as per the requirements.

3. Tracking with GPS – It is vital to check the vehicle usage regularly. The system, when installed offers the GPS service, which provides the real-time location. This feature plays a vital role in wizeo fleet management system, that it reaches the accident spot in the shortest time. Also, the misuse of vehicle beyond its defined work and route can be detected.

4. Driver safety – The vehicles are on long routes and it is therefore, the responsibility of the company to maintain the safety of the drivers. With vehicle tracking system, a constant communication is maintained between the driver and the company. He can be informed, if, the vehicle is crossing speed limits, or any help can be sent instantly in case of emergency.

5. History Reports – It provides detailed reports of the individual vehicle, its fuel cost, efficiency, maintenance records, past repair history and also suggests cheap alternative routes.


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