What is Pinterest & How can Pinterest improve my business

Pinterest is a social image sharing site. Distinctly different from any other image sharing sites, Pinterest effectively collates images into genres that are easily viewed, shared and commented on.

Pinterest’s slogan is “share and organizes beautiful things on the web”, with users able to create their pinboards around a particular topic of interest. You are then able to re-pin images already on-site or upload your photos to the board to develop a collage of images that showcase your interests.

Pinterest has shot to fame quicker than both Facebook and YouTube

Pinterest was an instant sensation, picking up 10,000 users just 9 months after its launch date. To put this in perspective, Facebook took 16 months to reach the same mark. YouTube took a year.

What type of people use Pinterest?

Users are largely women with an interest in DIY sectors. According to an independent study, the most popular categories to pin under are Home, Arts & Crafts and Style/Fashion, with these sectors accounting for around 60% of Pinterest’s total pinboards. According to the study, food is the fastest-growing sector – little wonder when we see the number of food pictures featured on other social networking websites.

Most people source their images from websites like,, and of course Google.

How can Pinterest improve my business?

Referral traffic from Pinterest has proved to be very rewarding for businesses. It currently sits in the top 5 social networking sites for referral traffic, outdoing the much-touted Google+.

It’s a great place for businesses to promote new products and services, with many users utilizing the site to preview products before buying them online or in-store. Pinboards showcasing products tend to generate the most ‘likes’ from other users, something which is great news for marketers.

Major companies like Gillette, Ikea, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s all utilize Pinterest to showcase their products and generate referral traffic.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of Pinterest traffic is women’s magazines. Companies like Martha Stewart, Country Living, and Vogue are all on board the Pinterest revolution, with Martha Stewart getting more traffic from Pinterest than both Spydialer, Facebook & Twitter combined.

The fact that these magazines can cater to Pinterest’s most popular categories – that being DIY, Home, Arts & Crafts, and Fashion – allows them to take advantage of a captive audience already present on the site. As Pinterest grows, more topics will become available for businesses to target, making it a smart move to start pinning now and beat the rush.

The 5 steps required to start enjoying Pinterest referral traffic

If you’re a business that relies heavily on imagery, Pinterest is a great option for you. We’re talking wedding photographers, florists, web design, restaurants, and hotels. Getting on the site and creating your pinboard is quick and easy:

  1. Request an invitation to the site – it’s pretty quick and as far as we know, no one gets denied
  2. Sign up using your Facebook or Twitter, or just create a log-in from scratch
  3. Select topics which interest you to populate your Pinterest homepage
  4. Create your first pinboards around topics key to your business – for a Florist, it may be your range of Valentine’s Day arrangements
  5. Upload your photos to Pinterest or‘re-pi9n’ other users photos to your pinboards

The more images and information you add to your boards, the more likely you are to get followers and referral traffic to your website – simple!

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